Top 10 simple things

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В края на всяка година се почва едно безкрайно писане/четене на резолюции, обещани, списъци с най-добри/най-лоши филми/книги/песни/личности… почва се писане на класации и даване на мнение по всевъзможни въпроси. Това с равносметките и балансите в края на годината винаги съм го намирала за доста лицемерно – защото според мен е нещо, което трябва да се прави ежедневно. Вчера и днес (боли ме гърлото, не говоря и чета много) изчетох един куп списъци и класации и някак си ми подейства заразно, за това ето и от мен една десетка: 10 съвсем обикновени но любими неща от моето ежедневие:

This time every year all kind of media sources start issuing their top 10 lists of whatever: best/worst moves/songs/book/sports moments… and now with the blogs and social media everyone on-line seems to be catching up faster and faster and making their compilations. I hate the resolution thing around Christmas – because it is rather hypocritical, don’t you think? I guess one should be conscious of his actions the whole year round. But because of a horrible throat ache which left me buried in a bunch of news articles on which were the tops and the bottoms of the past year, here are my personal top ten list: the 10 simple everyday objects I love:

These Chinese tea cups I bought in Rome as a kid with my savings. And I loved them ever since. They have a long and complicated story and thank God are not able to speak!

This is my favorite wrist watch – a Swatch Irony. I have it for 10 years now and although it is cracked I guess it will be around for quite few more years.

Pins. Usually they go with tartan skirts, but I like to use them for closing capes, on hats and on jackets.

Clipboard + pencil. This clipboard I bought from Cyber Dog in Camden, London – it is made out of a recycled mother board.

My dad’s old Werra camera. Now mine and I’m planning to start using it very very soon!

What would my life be without music? I need headphones like oxygen, so here they go – my HTC Hero headphones which go along very well with all my other gadgets!

Diary. Simple black book, fits in all my purses/bags, with an elastic band – so i can stick in it all sorts of notes and holds my pen too. Only Moleskine can outdo this one!

Waterman pen with my initials – a gift from my sister.

Sergio Rossi black leather belt. My dad has the same, so I love this one even more. It’s been around for more than 10 years now and is the living proof that you’d rather prefer quality to fashion.


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