Same dress and twin cardigans

От четвъртък, 29 декември 2011 0 Няма етикети Връзка 0

Болна съм, за това ще пропусна купоните и заплануваните дейности от графа социален живот, но за да не ми е съвсем ужасно – ето какво две разновидности на един тоалет, който си мислех да облека за нова година…

I’m sick and will skip all parties and events in my social life agenda, but here are the 2 possibilities of an outfit I was planning to wear on New Year’s eve.

There is something very nice in the cashmere and silk combo – you are both warm and chic. When I bought the dress couldn’t decide which of the two matching cardigans to buy too – so I could wear in in wintertime too. As you can see I finally ended up with both. The darker one goes very well with pearls and the lighter pink with silver.

The top of the dress is chiffon and slightly see-through – sexy but not too much. I love the bow detail on the cardigan.

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