The 5 perfect Christmas gifts

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I just finished chatting with one of my friends and she asked me to write an article about what women really want for Christmas, so she can send it to her boyfriend as a quick shopping guide.

This is what I came up with – a very short list of only 5 things women do really like. Ok, the women I know like. And if you’re still in doubt after finish reading it – just ask you woman straight in the eye what she wants for Christmas or even better – take her to her favorite shop and let her choose whatever she wants. She won’t have the element of surprise, but will end up with something she really loves.

So here is my personal top five of best Christmas gifts for women:

ring – Alexander McQueen

necklace – Tous

1.Jewelry – you can’t go wrong with that one. Just be very careful and observant – if we wear only gold we won’t really like that ethno wooden necklace. Check our jewelry boxes for ideas and have a glimpse of what we liked on Facebook. I guess if you can afford it – go for real metals and gems. Have you heard the song Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? There is a lot of truth in it.

bag – Cole Haan

2.Bags – there is a thing going on with women and bags – we never seem to have enough. Again – check what we like or just trust your guts. Or just buy us a statement handbag or a timeless classic piece.

shoes – Christian Louboutin

3.Shoes – that one should be easy, right? Just get us the shoes of our dreams, the ones that we’ve been dreaming/saving for months. My suggestion is – if you can afford it – go for Louboutin’s – never met a girl who doesn’t like them!

scarf collage – Hermes

4.Scarf – here it really depends on how much you want to spend. If you have the cash and your woman is a real fashionista – go for a Hermes carre’. If you want to buy us something nice and trendy, but don’t wont to spend a fortune – go to Zara or Mango – they always have great choices in accessories and scarfs.

cashmere selection – Monica Bellucci for Eric Bompard

5.Cashmere – here I need to make some explanations – there is a difference between a cardigan and a cashmere cardigan. The second one might be somewhat more expensive than normal wool garments – but is way better. Cashmere is wormer, softer, fits better, looks better and feels like a worm hug. Trust me on this one; I’ve been collecting cashmere cardigans for years now. If you’d rather go for a wool cardi – than choose something statement or patent. And no Christmas motifs on, please!

There is something else you can get her – it’s what I’m getting for Christmas this year – an e-book. But that is if she likes books and reading. I love books and I was struggling with the idea of letting paper books go, as I love the feel, smell and the whole feeling of having a good book in my hands. But I’ve decides to go digital. More on my future-to-be e-book later on.

Now I’m done with advices – and you can go shopping!

So here is to you love – best of luck you your Christmas presents this year 🙂


  • Събина
    декември 1, 2011

    аз пък иска DVD-то на Адел,
    нов обектив
    нов лаптоп.
    все скромни, евтини, не-комерсиални неща, които да ме обогатят! :Р

    но явно мъжете предпочитат да купуват парфюми и бижута, които да обогатят жените им 🙂

    • Ана
      декември 1, 2011

      само dvd-to на Адел е в графа „скромно“ 😉

  • Vincent Cassel
    декември 1, 2011

    ..and all men want is Mrs.Bellucci for Chirstmas – with or without the cashmere 🙂

    • Ана
      декември 1, 2011

      Yes, they do. As most women would like to have you – Mr. Cassel – but we do fear that you wouldn’t really like to let Mrs. Bellucci for any other woman, no?

    • Biliana
      декември 2, 2011

      😀 😀 😀

  • Пламен Шопов
    декември 1, 2011

    На моето съкровище мисля да подаря сноуборд:))

    • Ана
      декември 1, 2011

      супер 🙂 тъй като авторката на текста не практикува зимни спортове – е пренебрегнала тотално опция за подаръци свързани с такива

  • Biliana
    декември 2, 2011

    Cashmere all the way.
    I will never regret having bought a pure cashmere MaxMara scarf. And besides, the logo cannot be seen which is really important. To me. 😉

    • Ана
      декември 2, 2011

      +1 on not seeing the logos. All branded stuff (like the LV bags) are just for show-off

    • Име *
      декември 2, 2011

      Well, that’s one of the reasons for Bottega Veneta – which, you know, is Gucci’s high-end, luxurious brand – to offer products without any logo (their bags, in particular).

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