Last Sunday – loner edition

Съботният ден. В картинки.
Last Sunday – shown in pics.

a „monument“…

true football fans can fly I’m telling you!

my darling little fashionista – after lunch at Kumbare (this time the food was not good at all)

Maria‘s Gastronome. Was closed – as it was Sunday, but I’ll be back with more on that one…

Christmas tree + violets

UDF building – from the pic you can’t really tell, but the building is all ugly, dusty and dirty. Sadly this is what happened to the democratic party here – rests in dust…


Pre-Christmas ideas for gifts!

no comment

random shop window


pre-Christmas decoration: plastic bag on trees:

Culture Beat Pazar:
I fell in love with the black shirt – Igor Ilijovski and the leather bracelets – Neva Balnikova.
Didn’t buy anything, but can I also have a stand please at the next Beat Pazar edition? I promise some great vintage clothes + lots of accessories! Really – with all the things I posses I can easily open a shop.
Liked a cardiogram-motive trench by Nulla.

  • Alex
    ноември 30, 2011

    А от къде е снимката на Pre-Christmas gifts, защото издирвам такъв Gingerbread mix от мнооооого време?

    Благодаря предварително!

    • Ана
      декември 1, 2011

      На Неофит Рилски – след като пресечеш Раковска посока Витошка и държиш левия тротоар. Снимката е от витрината на магазин за сладкарски неща – имаше прекрасни форми за сладки и хартиени купички за кап-кейкове…

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