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On September 9th Bessa Valley celebrated the 10th anniversary of the winery. I don’t like retelling history – so please check out their web page – there is all the info about the cellar, the wine and everything else you need to know.

But I can tell you about the party: it was marvelous! The inner garden of the cellar was packed with people – from guests, to journalists, and most importantly – the workers in the winery. You don’t really see a lot of companies that do celebrate with their workers and the distinguished guest together, right? But when you see everybody involved in the process of producing one of the best Bulgarian wines, you don’t really care much about distinguished guests anymore.

The wines I have tried: Enira Rose’, Enira Duo and Enira. On our way leaving the party we all got a special bottle of Enira Reserva, which I’m saving for a special occasion.

About the party: was so very well organized! It had everything you need for happy guests and success: great combination of music, entertainment, speeches – delivered with enormous sense of humor and humility, delicious food and of course – incredible wines! And fireworks! Real huge and shiny fireworks!

For 10 years on the social scene I’ve learned that unless you have a purpose or are somehow famous you don’t get to meet a lot of new people, but the hosts were way friendlier than you could expect from an Executive director, or even better a Count. Ivailo Antonov, the Executive director and Count Stephan von Neipperg the owner of Bessa Valley were constantly mingling in the crowd and although were bombarded with all sorts of questions managed to deliver answers to everybody.

I was hanging out with two fellow bloggers – Magdalina & Maria.

What I was very much interested in was if there would also be a bad&breakfast section in Bessa Valley. You know, when you do wine tourism you have to have a place to stay after tasting. And yes, they will have a place you can stay, may be next year.

Thanks again to the owners/management for inviting me and to the organizers for throwing such an incredible party!

I can go on like this forever, but at the end you will get bored. So here are some pictures:

На 9 септември винарската изба Беса Валей навърши 10 години.

Няма да преразказвам историята на избата или на вината, обаче ще ви разкажа малко за партито.
Беше фантастично – във вътрешния двор на избата сред неверроятна природа. Това, което ми направи изключително впечатление е, че освен уважаемите гости бяха поканени и служителите и работниците в избата. В крайна сметка тази годишнина е повече тяхна, отколкото наша, нали? Това е основно празник на всички, които участват в производството на едни от най-добрите български вина, защото за мен и за теб е празник всеки път, когато си отваряме бутилка Енира.

Организацият абеше на много високо нови, а партито като краен резултат беше много априятно – едно от онези празненства, които ти се иска някой за теб да устрои: много хубава музика, чудесни изпълнения, комбинация от вкусна храна + изключителни вина и за финал заря!

Аз бях с още две блогърки – Магдалина & Мария.

For way better pictures and a great story you can also visit Maria’s blog: Беса Валей и Енира на 10 години

pics: Maria Ilieva (LaMartinia)
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