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Днес разгледах невероятните бижута на бизнес форума Italian Jewellery in Bulgaria, изложение
организирано от българския офис на Агенцията за подпомагане на италианския бизнес по света ICE. Директни продажби нямаше – макар, че от някои цени на бижута ми потекоха лигите – изобщо не очаквах да са толкова достъпни!
Моята равносметка – определено сега не е момент в живота ми, в който бих купувала скъпи бижута. Но е добре да знам какво има, какво се предлага и да получа всякаква допълнителна информация – какво ми е нужно да знам и да гледам, когато избирам Останах изключително впечатлена от факта, че обеци за 30 евро са изработени със същото старание и внимание към детайла, както такива за 3000 евро. Беше прекрасно отново да говоря на италиански.

Today I had the chance to attend a spectacular business forum – Italian Jewellery in Bulgaria, an exhibition organized by the Bulgarian office of ICE. There were no direct sales – although some jewellery items came at such an ubellivably reasonable prices! I had the chance to learn what I need to llok for and know when I but an expensive jewel, although I’m not exactly at that point in my life, but it’s always good to know. Also – I was deeply impressed by the fact that for a 30 euro pair of earrings are made with the same attention to detail as a pair for 3000 euro – which for me is a sign of craftsmanship and professionalism! And it was great to speak Italian again.

All future and potential clients/shop owners had the chance to sit and carefully look through all the amazing mostly hand-crafted items, establish contacts and eventually make future orders.

Pearls & Diamonds:


Colorful and cheerful jewelry and blig for kids:

My wishlist:

81 ultra-light hoops – they come in different shapes and sized and metals. For big earrings lovers are just the best

RCM Diamond are a girl’s best friend in a classical jewel

Gruppo Formica funky pearls

This bracelet is oh, so me!

My eternal love for skulls

The Garavelly enamel, silver and gems collection – this is a love affair at first sight!

An amazing Garavelli ring – modern and yet bears the craftsmanship of a real high quality jewel!

The Garavelli diamonds – so smoothly encrusted, that you can’t event feel the tiny gold holder that hold them in their sockets. No wander Michelle Obama has THIS Garavelli broach

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