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As fall is coming and my tan is fading I have to sort the foundation issue and find the perfect one – concealing, covering imperfections, light and moisturizing. So far I tried only one and i guess that it’s the one I’ll buy at the end. I just went to MAC (at the Mall) and had a total makeover. The pictures are horrible, I have to learn how to strike a pose, I know that. But bare with me – it takes time too and I’ve always been better at shooting others than having my pictures taken. So here is the before & after plus the chart that they make for you at MAC with all the products on your face.
Oh, and if you ever go there – just ask for Nadya – she is the kindest make-up artist I have ever met! Plus the fact that she is very talented and really listens to what you need and gives precious advises.

С идването на естента и избледняването на тена ми дойде и времето за купуване на фон дьо тен. И така обиколката ми започна от MACThe Mall) и освен основа се сдобих и с цялостен грим. Ето снимките преди и след (моля, абстрахирайте се от факта, че не позирам особено добре) и скицата, която получих с всички продукти на MAC на лицето ми.
И ако отидете в магазина на MAC – потърсете Надя – най-милата и талантлива гримьорка на света! Слуша внимателно от какво имате нужда и дава много полезни съвети.

without make-up

with foundation

ready to go

the sketch

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  • adya
    септември 10, 2011

    reading this made my day…no, my week!

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